Rosamond S. King
I am a performance artist and creative and critical writer whose work is deeply informed by my cultures and communities (including African, Caribbean, American, and queer), by history, and by a sense of play. I draw on reality to create non-literal interpretations of contemporary and historical experiences of African and Caribbean people. My staged and guerilla performance art is culturally and politically engaged, often takes place in public, and utilizes the language of movement as well as spoken and written text. My poetry often “moves” on the page, using different forms of English and different physical and poetic structures. With all of my work, my goal is to make people feel, wonder, and think, in that order.

This image is from #SAYHERNAME, the first of a new series of movement-based pieces - DIS/OBEDIENCE - which premiered as a work-in-progress at the legendary Movement Research at Judson Church 25 April 2016. This piece was created while I was in residence at Alice Yard Habitat in Woodbrook, Trinidad. (Photo credit: Scott Shaw)

My Verse Cabaret (combination of poetry and popular songs) performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, was standing room only! And my most recent evening-length performance ON PAPER (shown to the left) premiered as a work-in-progress at Dixon Place in NYC to a sold-out crowd! On Paper is funded in part by a Franklin Furnace Fund grant to "create a major new work of performance art in New York City."

My scholarly book Island Bodies: Transgressive Sexualities in the Caribbean Imagination WON THE 2015 LEWIS AWARD FOR BEST CARIBBEAN STUDIES BOOK FROM THE CARIBBEAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION and will be in paperback this summer!

New poems are at Transition (responding to the prompt "I can't breathe"), The Cortland Review," and the new journal The Wide Shore. And a new essay about my performance art is in the beautiful e-misférica journal.

I'm now on Twitter @RosamondDr.King