Rosamond S. King
Welcome to rage cards
Performance Art
Perhaps you have noticed, in the last couple of years or months, people who seemed to generally share your politics – or seemed not to share them at all – who have become outraged at local or national events, having never expressed such emotions before. Perhaps you have, as I have, been surprised at their recent shock and outrage, which reminds you that you have had such feelings for most of your life.

For such situations, inspired by Adrian Piper’s Calling Cards, I have created the “Welcome to rage” cards. They are meant to share when you want to: 1) sincerely respond to earnest feelings, 2) signal your own longstanding (out)rage, and 3) encourage the person to participate and to move beyond feeling to action to change the status quo – all without requiring an extended conversation.

I am premiering these cards at the American Studies Association and National Women’s Studies Association conferences (the latter being where Audre Lorde made her famous “Uses of Anger” speech). If you find me, I’ll be happy to give you some. I am also happy to mail up to ten to anyone, free of charge (donations to cover expenses accepted). Email or message me to request your cards and provide your address.
See you in the streets.